The fastest Ferry in the World

The High Speed Ferries ‘Hormuz’ and ‘Shinaz’ travel between Oman’s capital Muscat and Musandam and are the fastest ferries in the world!

But what makes them so fast?! Khalid went on a trip to Musandam to find out what makes the ferry so fast and took a look behind the scenes. SciTech joined him with the camera!


Khalid on board of the ferry right before departure.


One of the reasons for the ferry’s high speed which reaches up to 55 knots or 100 km/h is it’s shape. Two hulls float on water much better than one big structure.


Khalid on his way downstairs to the engine room.


Another reason for high speed: Very powerful engines. Muna Al-Ghazali is an expert for ship engines. She explains the details and what exactly makes these engines so powerful.


The engines for these high speed ferries were developed by the German manufacturer MTU in Friedrichshafen.


The 1st officer of the ferry explains Khalid all the technical details on the bridge where the captain and his team are responsible to guide the ferry safely on its journey.


Back to Muscat – the trip was a real adventure!

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