Road trip in the desert

A road trip and film shooting took place on the 21st and 22nd of September 2012 through the Omani desert, mountains and valleys.


The SciTech film crew and three professional drivers of the Oman Automobile Association started off early in the morning in Muscat. The journey took them south along the coast, then into the country to Wadi Dhaiqa damn near the village of Mazzare.

Jeeptour_Staudamm_WadiDaiqahAfter driving uphill for a long time, the group enjoyed the beautiful view from top of mountain ‘Abyadh’ (Arabic: jabal abyadh) and had some film shootings



The Omani drivers, Issam Al-Kharusi, Khalid Al-Balushi and Moadh Al-Zadjali (from left) are professional rally drivers knowing every stone and street. They guided the group safely through the mountains.


The tour continued through Wadi Tayin which is one of the most beautiful valleys in Oman with palm trees and streams of water. Sometimes, it was a real challenge to navigate the cars through the deep rivers.

The tour and film shooting ended at the Eastern dunes (Arabic: Al-Rimal Al-Sharqiya) which are also known as Wahiba Sands near the village of Al-Wasil.

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