Medicine from rice bran

A German-Egyptian research project analyzes the impact of rice bran on different illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease or high blood pressure


Egypt is one of the most important countries in the world to grow rice, mainly in the Nile Delta. Since everybody likes to eat white rice, tons of rice bran accumulate every year during the milling process. But although the bran is very rich in dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, the bran was only used for animal feed.

Now, Dr. Amr Helal, a pharmacist and company founder in Cairo, developed a new method to stabilize the rice bran which opens many new possibilities to use it. Together with different researchers in Egypt and Germany, he started to analyze the impact of rice bran on the human health and the progress of different diseases.


The Goethe University in Frankfurt is one of the partaking research institutions. There, the scientists are testing the effects of eating rice bran particularly on Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure using mice as an indicator.

Watch the full episode about Rice Bran and Medicine on ONTV

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