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What will the house of the future look like? We asked researchers, urban planners and engineers and took a look behind the scenes of student projects in Egypt and the Sultanate of Oman.

In El Gouna, Egypt, University of Technology in Berlin opened a new campus in autumn 2012. Students of urban planning made a field trip to Haram City, near Cairo, which is one of the most modern and sustainable communities in Egypt.


The students discuss the different ways the houses are built and the services offered for the residents.


But not only new cities are built. One of the challenges for urban planners are also the old parts of cities which have known better days, but offer many possibilities to create new space and community life. A German-Egyptian student project took a closer look at the old area Minat Al Bassal in Alexandria.


Initiated by the TU Cottbus, the University of Alexandria and University of Cairo/Giza, students from all over the world took part in a one-week workshop to study and develop new ideas for the old areas.


Christoph Wessling, urban planner and lecturer at TU Cottbus and Mohammed Nabil are participating in the workshop.

Stadtplanung_Alexandria_Student_Muhamadiya Kanal

Also in Oman students and researchers are thinking about Tomorrow’s place to live. The German University of Technology in Muscat (GUtech) runs several programs involving students to develop new ideas but also practically apply them in real life.


One group studied the changes in Fanja and Al-Khoud which are both near Muscat. The students monitored the building of new houses, interviewed residents and analyzed the changing structures in the communities.

EcoHaus_GUtechCampus_Knebel mit Studenten

The Eco-House Project is another example of future house building. Different universities in Oman are competing to build the most effective and sustainable house: a zero-energy-building. One of them is the German University in Muscat. Students designed and developed the house which is being built on the new university campus.


A very real-life-project is a cooperation between the GUtech and The Wave in Muscat which is a new built community near the airport. The managing directors involved students to bring in their own ideas and designs.



Aya is one of the students. Here, she explains the characteristics of her design


Kevin Abbott, senior design and development manager of The Wave and Prof. Martin Werminghausen with the students examining the area and discussing new ideas

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