A new metro line for Cairo

In Cairo, the largest city in the Arab world and Africa, millions of people go to work everyday or need to pick their way through the city.  Traffic jams and crowded streets is the everyday occurrence, people have to deal with. But how can a mega city like Cairo manage the increasing urban mobilization of its inhabitants?


One of the most efficient ways to avoid the traffic is Cairo’s metro system, but until now only a minor part of the city is connected to the metro system.  That is why the engineers and technicians keep working hard to develop the third metro line. The SciTech film crew met the decision makers and engineers to see the progress of the construction.


Interview with Dr. Abdel Munim Amin, chairman of the national tunnel authority Egypt.

Metro_Egypt_SchaltzentraleInterview in the control center of the metro system in Cairo.


How is it possible to build the metro tunnels under the earth without crashing? SciTech film shooting on the construction site of the tunnel for the 3rd line

Construction of a new station for the 3rd metro line which will run from Attaba to Cairo International Airport via Heliopolis.


The construction above the earth. A lot of technical know-how is needed to build a metro line without damaging the existing infrastructure, buildings and streets.

Metro_Egypt_Existing Tunnel

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